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KNOW YOUR LEVEL... Use our easy to understand, color coded symbols to help find the class that coordinates with your skill level. If you are a new student (no aerial experience), you must begin by taking a BEGINNING LEVEL 1 Non-Inversion CLASS 

(Read Safety Guide concerning inversions before attempting an inversion class.)

Beginning Level 1...NON INVERSION (Focus on strength, stretch, balance & learn basic aerial skills while enjoying the restorative benefits of Aerial Yoga/Fitness)

Beginning Level 2... Soft Inversions (Basic Aerial Inversion Skills) Build total Body Strength & flexibility while experiencing the benefits of Inversions) Only basic tricks taught in this class, No Flips/Drops

Beginning Level 3... Loop, Silk, Lyra Combination Class (learn fun flips & tricks using silk loop. Learn basics of silk & lyra.)
A great workout to challenge core strength & coordination.
Intermediate/Advanced....Loop, Silk, Lyra Combination Class (More challenging flips & tricks on all Aerial apparatus)


The Downsides of Being Upside-Down


While being upside-down can bring great health benefits for some, there are others who have conditions which make it dangerous for them to invert (go upside down). Those who should NOT invert include anyone with the following conditions. Modifications can be made for some of the following, but SAFETY FIRST!  A NON-INVERSION CLASS is a great option for students with some of the following conditions, but please let the instructor know if any of the following apply to you:


*Uncontrolled high blood pressure (also hypertension or hypotension)

*Uncompensated congestive heart failure

*Hiatal hernia or spinal instability

*Persons receiving anticoagulants or aspirin therapy

*Those with a family history of cerebrovascular accidents

*Those above age 55

*History of stroke or heart conditions of any kind

*Pregnancy beyond the first trimester

*Excess weight (250 lb weight limit)


*Inner Ear Problems / Vertigo

[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]] *Botox within past 48 hours

*During heavy menstrual cycle                                     

*any injury or surgery within past 3 months              

*If you have any other conditions, consult your doctor first and please inform instructor.


CLASS SCHEDULE:               


To Reserve Class Space...

text (318)-347-2608

Introductory Special...2 classes for $20 per person

(Expires 3 months from date of purchase)


*****AERIAL EXPRESSIONS has the right to cancel class if at least 3 students are not reserved four hours before class.*****